Laughter in schools

Laughter is fabulous. So much has been written scientifically in the last decade about how it is physically so good for you but lets never forget how it nourishes your spirit. It lifts you out of the ordinary every day routine to touch the part that really matters – that we can’t control anything in life. The unexpected ‘likeness of being’ that laughter brings connects us to the real treasure that life has to offer us. The moment when laughter joins us together through giggles, smiles or even belly laughs and we feel the absurdity of our seriousness, we are truly splendidly human.

Those of you who have been on my training days know that I give a strong focus to the importance of remembering our humanity, our joy and the ability to laugh together! So many schools have steeled themselves to cope with the endless anxiety, stress and the unrealistic targets …… that the steel has entered their souls and you can see it reflecting in their eyes. They can no longer relax and enjoy their children for the true comic geniuses they are! A teacher told me just a couple of weeks ago that a young lad was being told off for another misdemeanour and she asked him that aged old question “why do you go on being the way you are?” He seriously contemplated an answer and then said “I dunno miss – I think I was born to laugh.” And maybe they are!!! Maybe our job is to protect and fight for children’s rights to laugh and laughter in schools, to be so relaxed and gloriously silly…… and yet know how to stop. That is why I love the potential of playtimes – why I still fight so patiently for the right of children to choose a range of activities that bring a smile to their face on seeing them, and to enjoy the right to play peacefully, or loudly, with whatever engages them. I have seen a wonderful film of a pupil from Watercliffe Meadow school dancing in a carefree and joyous way at lunchtime – the video had to be removed from You Tube due to copyright of the music! My point, though, is that there is an unlimited amount of joy to be had by children at lunchtime, isn’t it our job to act as enablers? Click on our courses to see our range of lunchtimes, behaviour and social skills training conference in your area.


Website Manager’s Notes

1. Jenny gives keynote speeches, workshops and training courses on laughter in schools. Promoting activities and qualities that advance the emotional well-being of pupils and teachers is part the Whole School Quality Circle Time model.

2. Jenny’s training, consultancy and resources encompass better behaviour for learning, positive lunchtimes and playtimes, social and emotional skills, Circle Times as well as laughter in schools. See our range of bookable courses here.

3. Watercliffe Meadow School is a primary school in Sheffield that uses and exemplifies Jenny’s Quality Circle Time model. On June 27th and 28th 2013 Watercliffe Meadow is holding a unique experiential training course for 2 days where Jenny trains delegates in the model and then on the second day, delegates can speak to, observe and learn from pupils and staff during the school day.

3. For enquiries about training for individuals and schools, please phone 01225 767157 or email