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“Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools” (DfE 2018) – What Does It Mean for Schools?

My name is Zara and I am the website manager, researcher and project manager in [...]

I’m So Lucky – Training At A Magical Marshland School – With Water Buffalo!

I am so LUCKY.  I’ve always attributed my bounciness to the fact that I’m a [...]

Oracy Training in South Wales, January 2019 – A Crucial Life Skill – Boosted by Schools, with Jenny and Circle Time

‘Oracy is a crucial skill – we’re in danger of producing a generation unable to [...]

Can It Be That Ofsted’s Plans To Overhaul Inspections Mean That We Have Finally Reached The Tipping Point –

Yipeeeee… finally it looks like we have reached the Tipping Point… I loved Malcolm Gladwell’s [...]

‘Circles of Support’ Research Presented at World Congress on Special Needs Education at Cambridge University (Dec 2018)

I am really happy… a wonderful teacher, researcher and champion of children Stamatina Kalyveza, who [...]

A Heart-Warming TTT Closing Moment and Remembering The Importance of the Light Inside Us All

This image shows how I have just tried to recreate the atmosphere and gentle calming [...]

When the IT Team Come To The Rescue on White Chargers – A Thank You Cake

Hi Everyone. Isn’t this cake amazing!! I wanted to thank our IT company for all the help [...]

The Way to Visions and Values – Through Clear Rules

Over the last few years lots of schools have gone down the route of having [...]

Let’s Not Use The Word ‘Anti-Bullying’ – Let’s Call It Positive Friendships Policy

We have seen a huge number of anti-bullying initiatives, anti-bullying policies, days where schools ask [...]

Ofsted Praise for Good School Using Golden Rules

We were delighted to see the brilliant Ofsted report (September 2018) of a school that [...]

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