A Heart-Warming TTT Closing Moment and Remembering The Importance of the Light Inside Us All

This image shows how I have just tried to recreate the atmosphere and gentle calming light – in my own sitting room – that we all, at Addison House, experienced at the end of our Train The Trainers.  You may remember I wrote about the wonderful team I was working with (Here is the link to my last TTT blog) and we have been on a long journey together unravelling my Golden Model each Friday… with these enterprising, dedicated, enthusiastic and golden-hearted delegates taking back the ideas to their work setting each week and trying them out.  We came to the last one on Friday 14th December and I knew it was really important to do something that reminds people in education that they must put themselves first – we cannot keep giving out without putting back in!  A lot of staff I work with are very near burnout and they haven’t recognised the signs.  It’s so important that staff teams over the country put adult well being and mental health at the centre of what they do. 

Therefore I wanted to end in a way that reminds people of how precious they are.  We dimmed the lights in Addison house… Nigel and his team had already put up a beautiful sparkly tree and made the place look like a home.  I felt so moved that some of the most troubled children in the area have found themselves in such a sound educational team.  Not only are the adults experienced in this work and trained in therapeutic approaches… but they have the understanding to try and create an atmosphere of what a good home might feel like.  So there we were just the adults near the end of a long course, a long Christmas week and tired.  I decided that the best exercise would be for them to give each other a hand massage. The hands have all the acupuncture pressure points that can, when massaged, release health in other parts of the body.  We had lovely oils, soft sea music and everyone gave and received to each other in an open-hearted way.  I have recently discovered the joys of something called a ‘head massager’ so was able to quietly move round the room placing it on and around their scalps… the head also has a wonderful array of nerve endings that can send messages of health! It lulled us all into a deep peace and a feeling of going with life and whatever it holds.  We then stood round a circle of tiny candles that you can see in the picture with our arms around each other and blew the candles out knowing that the light that really matters is within us and will light up our way.

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