The Way to Visions and Values – Through Clear Rules

Over the last few years lots of schools have gone down the route of having inset days on Visioning and Values.  I love values… however values can only be reached by clear, calm rules.  I see up n schools high order values such as Justice, Compassion, Empathy, Equality etc and I’m thrilled that schools have embarked on this philosophical  journey. However many schools then did away with their simple Golden Rules… and these are a first step towards values. They are accessible to all children – they offer an accessible language to mid-day supervisors out in the playground “e.g. Do you know what golden rules you are keeping now that are making us very happy?”… “Do you know what golden rule you’re breaking now and the consequence of doing this?”  Fortunately a few years later schools are returning to their golden rules and showing how they can help all of us reach higher values.  I was very impressed by Concord Junior school in Sheffield… as they have visually represented how the Golden Rules help access Values.  John Matterson, Class Teacher, PE / School Sports Partnership Lead, kindly said I could share his poster with you all. Thank you.

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