Let’s Not Use The Word ‘Anti-Bullying’ – Let’s Call It Positive Friendships Policy

We have seen a huge number of anti-bullying initiatives, anti-bullying policies, days where schools ask children to wear odd socks to prove that everyone is different and some really great anti-bullying progress – a huge movement which is fantastic and a great way to celebrate anti-bullying week and raise awareness. It is a thought, though, that it feels like it’s time to be more pro-active and to up-level what we are doing about bullying? Let’s have Positive Friendships Policies with very constructive slants to them to really show children what we expect – in other words – this one is very important – let’s set the bar suitably high. So, we can encourage friendships through circle time discussions, teamwork, playing games and by working on the ideas surrounding friendships and qualities that we think are good for making friends. This ties in so well with diversity, tolerance and finding respect and understanding for each other – surely it is time to do this a lot more. Whilst on the subject of building positive relationships and friendships, we have, in our webshop, some great little books called the 101 series. This series has great activities that encourage children to work together, play together and communicate better with each other. Here’s a little bit about them:

  • 101 Activities to Help Children Get On Together by Jenny Mosley and Helen Sonnet. This book is full of activities that will teach children the essential skills of cooperation and help them to experience working positively with others. ‘Just what we needed. We loved the other three but this one is very ‘hands on’ and encourages team work and children to work with others they wouldn’t usually choose to – but because they love the activities they just get on!’
  • 101 Games for Better Behaviour by Jenny Mosley and Helen Sonnet. This practical book includes games that will help children to explore the five areas highlighted in the SEAL resources. Through these exciting games and activities, children will learn that an effective community is built on co-operation, tolerance and enjoyment. ‘Includes games exploring the 5 areas in the SEAL resource pack … an excellent resource – a must for KS1 and KS2 teachers’ – Special Children Magazine 
  • 101 Games for Social Skills By Jenny Mosley and Helen Sonnet. Packed with creative and dynamic games that will help children develop positive relationships and learn the skills of healthy interactions. Some tried and tested and some brand new, but all enormous fun. Suitable for schools, youth clubs, young adults, young adults clubs, health departments and social services. This book will enable you to have a lasting positive influence on the social journeys of the children you meet. ‘All my children are much clearer now about which skill they are using and why.’ ‘All the games are brilliantly grouped together under Jenny Mosley’s Five Skills; looking, listening, speaking, thinking and concentrating.’
  • 101 Games for Self-esteem by Jenny Mosley and Helen Sonnet. Want more ‘zap’ in your lessons or ‘zing’ in your circle time? Then take a look at this clearly set out book of games which focus on self-affirmation, team building, art, music, drama, verbal and written themes, physical activity and relaxation. Creating a positive atmosphere, these enjoyable activities relate to the key skills and enable children to develop their self-confidence and a stronger sense of self – helping them cope with possible bullying situations. ‘An invaluable resource for all teachers and classroom assistants.’ – Special Children

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