Discovering treasure within a school – in the form of the Turnip Song!

One of the joys of my work is when I go into schools and I meet incredible staff and children. And sometimes when I am in school I catch glimpses, or on this occasion hear notes tinkling down the corridor, that tell me there are very creative individuals and within the school.

Last week I was in Westbrook Old Hall Primary School, just walking along the corridor enjoying the peace and the respect that comes from the children here… when all of a sudden I heard the most irresistible music coming from a classroom… so I just had to go in!

It was fabulous happy rhythms and a glorious tune… poor old kids suddenly saw this stocky, middle aged woman break into her special dancing – in fact other adults started to dance too, the children swayed – their samba instruments urging us to even more crazy dancing … it was one of those wonderful moments when you know why you got into teaching in the first place.  Then it turns out that the teacher at the head of it all had actually written it himself… the wonderful John Oates is a marvellous music teacher who writes many songs I discovered later… anyway I would like you to discover this marvellous song and this is the way you can do it…

CLICK HERE for the very song that I listened to – now on You Tube!

Good luck to John with his musical creations and future songs and thank you!


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