Glasto Chic

Hi everyone

I just had to share this little pic of my granddaughter Millie.  She has natural style and adores choosing her clothes… but it really made me smile because it’s exactly what I’m packing to go to Glasto.

I’ve got my pink wellies, my white net ballerina dress, a leopard skin scarf but I’m afraid Mills hasn’t quite got it right as you do need the yellow felt crown to top it all off!!  I adore all my grandchildren – but the little girls who include my son’s daughters – are just as bonkers boho with their clothes.  I remember with my own children struggling to make them wear what I wanted them to wear and their wills were so much stronger than my energy levels so I gave up.

When my Mum got much older she too was still determined to wear what she wanted, where she wanted, so it didn’t matter if the pink boa got wet in the rain.  So when we grow old no doubt we’ll all be wearing a lot of purple netting!


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