Excellence in School Education Conclave, Bangalore Nov 11 – 13 2011

Jenny Mosley, amongst other speakers, is delighted to have been invited to speak at this exciting conclave in Bangalore entitled: Leveraging Joy, Imagination and Innovation 11 – 13 Nov 2011 J N Tata Auditorium, IISC, Bangalore

The conference article from The Teacher Foundation website states: We are today confronted with many critical questions:

* Why are most of our schools dull, grey and boring places ?
* Do we care enough for children to make schools more joyful?
* How do we ‘raise the bar’ for all students in all schools?
* Why do some schools perform consistently better than others?
* Why are schools not open to learning from best practices in other organisations?
* What are the factors that catalyse positive changes in schools ?
* How do we leverage effectively the single critical factor for improving schools-teachers?

And yet in our schools we continue to educate children as if this were the 1950s, as if they could look forward to a predictable life of comfortable compartments!
It takes a leap of both imagination and courage to break away from the way things are into the way things should be and will have to be in the future.

Mentor Magazine in association with Eduexcellence and The Teacher Foundation, along with the faculty support from IIT Delhi, presents the forum to make that leap! We announce: “Excellence in School Education Conclave-Leveraging Joy, Imagination and Innovation” on 11-13 November 2011, at the J.N.Tata Auditorium, IISC, Bangalore.
The Conclave converges passionate people, ideas and effective practices from local, national and international settings.

Excellence in School Education Conclave – Leveraging Joy,Imagination and Innovation is the southern chapter of the Indian Institute of (IIT) Delhi initiated annual event. IIT,Delhi hosted its first Conclave on “Excellence in School Education” in 2009 on the belief that “Higher Education cannot perform unless the school system performs.” The response was overwhelming!

This 3 day conclave is for school leaders, senior educators and policy makers.The Conclave comprises 5 Themes that will be explored through an interesting combination of whole group conference sessions and parallel workshop sessions.This will build breadth as well as depth at the Conclave.

This is the list of speakers for the event:
Jenny Mosley, Su Hart, Professor Harish Chaudhary, Dr Shantha Sinha, Father George A Hess, Dr Vidya Shetty, Maya Menon, Dr Soumyajit Ghosal, Mr Syed Sultan Ahmed, Professor Raja Ram Sharma and Ms Tara Kini.

For more information go to The Teacher Foundation website.