FREE ACTIVITIES TO HELP CHILDREN GET ON TOGETHER – for homes, essential schooling groups and childcare settings

Hello – we have been contacted for ways of helping children get on together. While some children are feeling the loss of not seeing their friends, others are cooped up together in family groups spending unusually large amounts of time together! It’s worth trying to encourage children to participate together in an engaging activity – so they don’t even know they are cooperating – they’re just having fun or learning about something together! Sharing equipment and sharing out the tasks is another key ingredient for getting on together! So I have brought together some activities from the book ‘101 Activities To Help Children Get On Together’ by Jenny Mosley and Helen Sonnet as a free download for you today. We have adapted the activities slightly to make them more accessible if there are just two children, and if you have one child then the adult can pair up with the child for the activity, letting the child take some of the decision-making and negotiation involved. There are about 15 ideas in the free download. I hope they are useful, do share if you like!

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 FREE Jenny Mosley Activities To Help Children Get On Together

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