V.E. Day Lockdown Blog

Hi Everyone… from deep in lock-down, suffering from overload and worry about the business (don’t be too sorry for me – I am also loving the long walks!!) … it’s great to be thinking about something else. VE Day is so special. We can never have any idea of what everyone went through then and the intensity of the experience must have been much more overwhelming than anything we are going through. I suddenly remembered that my daughter, Meg, had created a really lovely film project called ‘The Sweethearts’. Meg and her great friend film maker Jessica Hill researched lovers letters and diary entries of 1940’s sweethearts. They then created a fictional couple Dotty and Wilfred (Meg plays Dotty). These two girls, Meg and Jessica, have always been fascinated by the history of romance… and because they are so delightful and evocative, I thought I would share this little clip with you on VE Day. My heart goes out to all of you. I feel like I am one of the lucky ones. Yes, the business may take a big tumble but it is nothing compared to what other people are going through.  So many people are being heroic and inspirational at the moment. Anyway, this is a light-hearted little clip that is sweet to watch – it’s about a couple recording themselves taking time out to have some Golden Moments together. When times are dark and bleak it’s only nature and love and the ability to laugh that will get us all through (oh, and online shopping!!!). Just click on the video below to view … https://vimeo.com/416304209     Website Editor’s Notes

  1. We are also working on Back-To-School Staff Meetings which will be on-screen to help bring staff together and to help galvanise thoughts about supporting children. We are really excited about this and look forward to bringing you news of this very soon! (There will be a cost attached to this one to help cover our costs but we think this will be really useful in the first few days back in school – and one part of it the staff can watch from home before school starts if appropriate!). Do watch this space, again, for this one.
  2. Wishing everyone peace and health at this time.


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