Joining the school food revolution – a school for children with autism and a creative approach to food

“This is not merely another story of a school meals service revolutionised by the arrival of a trained chef, determined to prepare everything from scratch. It’s also about the vital therapeutic role good food can play in the lives of a community that needs it most. It is about the pleasures of the table that so many of us take for granted being extended to people for whom the commonplace is a struggle. And it’s about preparing vulnerable children for the realities of life beyond school.” from the article by Jay Rayner.

(To read the full article by Jay Rayner in the Guardian click here.)

This approach fits beautifully with our work on lunchtimes and dining halls. Our new book “How to create calm dining halls” is now in stock, brimming with ideas on how to improve the dining hall in terms of organisation, noise levels, environment, behaviour, healthy nutrition, enjoyment and much more.


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1. Jenny Mosley is a leading pioneer in lunchtimes and playtimes work in schools. As part of her whole school Golden Model, lunchtimes and playtimes have always been a key feature of Jenny’s work in schools. Jenny trains teachers and midday supervisors during inset days or on her open conference days that are held around the country through the year. (01225 767157 or

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5. To read the full article by Jay Rayner in the Guardian click here.