Learning and Fun – and Learning Brain Europe

With only a week and a few days to go, Jenny is busy preparing for the Learning Brain Europe Conference which will be held on Friday 22 May in The Lowry, Salford. As a keynote speaker and workshop leader, Jenny is looking forward to the very good company of fellow speakers and topcis such as:

  • Tools and Tips for Teachers by Dr Spencer Kagan
  • The Rock’n Roll Classroom by Dr Rich Allen.
  • Effective Primary Language Teaching for the Unconfident Linguist by Juliet Park
  • A Story Box of Laughter, Joy and Playfulness: Enhancing moods, states of mind and capacity for learning through Drama by Rebecca Bell
  • Narrative Immersions: Inspiring Thinking and Feeling Learners through Drama and Stories by Rebecca Bell
  • Introduction to Mindfulness by Angela O’Brien & Libby Betts
  • Practical Application of Cognitive Neuro Brain-Friendly Teaching:science in the Classroom by Matt Bromley

Jenny will be giving two workshops:

Boost the Energy and Well-being of all The Adults in the School First – and excellence will follow

Becoming a Listening School.


Jenny’s keynote is on a subject very close to her heart – bringing joy and fun into learning – “Learning Should Be Fun!”  Having shared a stage and a conference with the amazing Patch Adams (doctor and all-time comedian) at a conference in Findhorn, Jenny has always been fascinated by the link between learning and fun, which affects people on many different levels. Jenny always says that she wants to hear laughter coming from not only the classrooms, but the staffrooms too!

So here is a photograph of Jenny playing with her gorgeous grandaughter – with lots of stimulating colour and fun!


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