Mrs Mosley So Cool! Pupil comment at Bledisloe School, Napier, New Zealand

Monday 24th September Jenny Mosley came to Bledisloe School to teach the teachers about how to improve their teaching of circle time. Her name was Mrs Jenny Mosley and travels all around the world to teach circle time.Jenny Mosley made a great impression on the children when she visited Bledisloe Schoo, Napier, New Zealand on a recent training trip. The pupils wrote a blog of their circle time experiences and on their impressions after meeting Jenny:

Room 13 were lucky enough to have her in our classroom for over an hour taking us for circle time. She played some fun games with us like keeping a puppet seal moving around a parachute, which was held by all of us. To get the seal to move we had to gently lift out arms up and tip it to the side, the point of the activity was for us to work together.

Another activity she did with us was we sat in a circle and shared one thing we would change about school. We weren’t allowed to pass or mention names. Once we had been around the circle, she selected 3 people to develop their ideas. They told us about the details of their issues and then one persons issue was selected.

This students issue was: when people walk away from games when they don’t get their own way. The class then offered suggestions, directed at the person with the issues, she had to thank them for their suggestion and let them know if she thought it would work. These solutions have been tried out and some of them have solved the issue.

Mrs Mosley asked us ‘who do you think makes this class a great place to be?’ You could nominate someone and explain why; you couldn’t nominate your best friend. Once someone was nominated the class had to decide whether they agreed. If the person received enough votes they would receive a class certificate.

The people who received the certificates were:

Nicole: For being an inclusive member of our class

Liam: For being nice and friendly to everyone.

Shakira: For getting on with everyone.

The last activity that she did with us was a calming activity. We all had to close our eyes and pretend we were on a beach, and the sand was diamonds and other jewels. After a while she starting moving her instrument which made a soothing sound, it sounded like water washing over stones.

We really appreciated our time with Jenny Mosley, she has an amazing character. We were lucky to have her in our class.

Mrs Colliss was very proud of us because we shared our ideas, had great manners and were respectful. She was especially proud when Mrs Mosley and the other visiting teachers complimented the class and Mrs Mosley said that they were one of the best classes that she had been in. How awesome are we!

In fact Mrs Colliss was so proud of us that night she made us marshmallow coconut balls for lunch on Tuesday!

By Ian, Nicole, Humo, Caleb and Sam.

Some class comments:

Angala LOVED the circle time it was great!

Anonymous Circle time was really fun!(; maxine!

Anonymous Circle time with mrs mosley was awesome my favourite part was when we threw the seal.

From TOMMY!!!!

Anonymous Mrs Mosley was so cool!!!!!! She was always smiling and complementing us 🙂

Fallon 😀 One of the nicest person I’ve ever met!!!!!!!!!!!!

Website Manager’s Note

Jenny Mosley recently visited New Zealand to present at the annual RTLB conference, followed by some training bookings at different schools in New Zealand then in Hong Kong en route home. Jenny’s QCT model is perfect for different countries and cultures.

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