Oh – WOW AGAIN – more goldenness, this time from New Zealand!

Only last week I wrote about the Greenwich school who had brightened up their children’s lives with the Golden Rules, Golden Tickets ….and the Golden Throne – where the lucky winner of the Golden Draw could choose to sit on the Golden Throne during the weeks assembly. Then, in the same week arrives the story and photos from another Golden Hearted Teacher in New Zealand who, having met me some years ago, has developed a celebration reward called the Golden Walk.  Children who have made a breakthrough in any academic, social or personal way are chosen by other children or the teacher to walk the Golden Walk. Barefoot (it’s the way in New Zealand!) they walk down that carpet with all their peers clapping.  Their golden-hearted teacher Wendy reports that they are so thrilled they almost float. But do you know what? The longer I work in schools the more deeply I understand its never the idea that’s working – it’s the passion and enthusiasm from the teacher for the idea that is working. I’ve been in thousands of schools and have to keep a straight understanding face when some teachers say “well, clapping won’t work with my KS2’s Boys” … or “puppets are too babyish for my children” when I’ve seen with my own eyes Yr 6 Boys clapping so brilliantly they’ve been invited into staff meetings to teach the teachers! I have also seen Yr 5 and Yr 6 children make superhuman efforts to hold back impulsive destructive behaviour just to ensure that they get their turn to have Ben the big puppet sit with them for the day. And if ‘Ben’ should give him or her a sticker for the day their hearts burst with pride. Of course they know it’s a puppet but it’s the apple of the teachers’ eye – who displays great love for it – so the child happily enters the suspended world of disbelief hand in hand with the teacher they love. ‘Cos in the end as a child you love what your teacher loves if you love that teacher.

By the way I started a long time ago a different appreciation system called ‘Star Of The Week’ where children chose all sorts of Golden Treats when it was their turn to be The Star. When I was a teacher using it myself my children use to love being my PA for the week. They would come in early on a Monday, I’d make them a cup of tea, they would be given my school diary and we would go through the diary for all the things they had to help me remember for the forthcoming week – e.g. TV programmes, assemblies, visits!! Then they’d wear my special watch all week to help them manage me. The other choices they loved were to have these Golden Cushions which they could sit on in Circle Time to answer any questions about themselves – or to do a joke-telling session! They would also be line leader, board-cleaner, animal visitor, register carrier, nursery play leader … the list was endless as the kids were always thinking of new ideas. Every child got to be a Star Of The Week – it was a right and didn’t rely on nominations – just a draw for the names to be honoured throughout the whole year. Having seen Wendy’s story I could have added ‘Golden Walk Of The Week’ to their list too.

Website Manager’s Notes

Jenny’s whole school model supports the encouragement of positive behaviour for learning through various rewards (celebrations)https://www.circle-time.co.uk/shop/rewards-incentives and sanctions, with a series of underlying boundaries – the Golden Rules.

One way of showing appreciation of pupil’s achievements is through the use of resources. Many resources in our webshop support this idea and encourage showing appreciation to pupils in a specific and targeted way including:

Rewards notelets pad:

Midday Supervisor Rewards and Sanctions Notelets are bright, big and full of colour! Jenny Mosley’s little notelets are part of the Whole School Positive Behaviour Policy and are very helpful for children and adults. Quick and convenient to use, these notelets instantly reinforce praise and warnings and help MDSAs focus on desirable behaviour. Reward Pads Words include such ideas as: I am really happy with you, because you chose to… e.g. stand in line calmly.

I have noticed notepads

Good self esteem can grow through people noticing and feeding back positive things about you. These simple notelets can be quickly torn off and given to children and adults (by children and adults) with a quick scribble of what was noticed that was so impressive. Adults could be encouraged to write them to each other as well, so good self esteem can abound in the staff room as well.

The Five Skills Sticker books

Designed by Jenny Mosley for SEAD and SEAL these sticker books to hold NEW Big Bright 5cm diameter 5 skills stickers to reward childrens’ use of the 5 Skills. The sticker book has black outline circles in which to place the sticker as a reward chart. The 5 Skills Sticker Book – Tiny, Achievable, Tickable Targets for Children who need to practice their Five Skills. These are ideal for ALL children and especially for children who may be high on the ‘chaotic spectrum’, constantly get into trouble, or just drift off into their own space – these children need to practice their skills for short periods of time.