Be the Change You Want To See

This simple statement has such a moral ‘punch’ to it. It is attributed to Ghandi – and its simplicity and stark truth are certainly his hallmarks. Many years ago when I first started working in India my daughter and I, when in Mumbai, went to Ghandi’s house. It was as if he’d just walked out of the door. Nothing hidden away, tidied up or behind glass; just notebooks open mid-sentence, pens left on the table, books that he loved tied in string, as if time had stood still and you could actually feel his intensity of activity contrasted with the stillness in pools of light. The only indication that he left years ago was that the sun’s rays could hardly penetrate the layers of dust permeating the tiny wooden room.

For years I have battled with the statement’s challenge – i.e. just be the change! I can think of so many instances when I have demanded, nagged or just plain expected other people to ‘step up’ and understand what I needed. In relationships I was always hankering after the romantic gesture. ‘’why can’t you give me flowers, write me a poem…’ my voice whinged on. Quite honestly with the sharp whiney timbre of my voice and narrowed eyes of steel – why would anyone be inspired to want to!! If I had taken Ghandi’s saying to heart, I would be the one buying him flowers, writing poetry or arranging tiny romantic surprises….and I would have had to meet the biggest demand of it all … it all unconditionally. Expect nothing in return. selfless…. hmmm – the spiritual path is one helluva challenge!! Anyway, when I saw this photo of Indian children all dressing up as Ghandi to honour him at a festival, I just had to share it with you all. Humour & philosophy, I love them together.

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