Nothing Less Than a Golden Carpet for one Fabulous School in New Zealand – an Inspirational Idea from an Inspired School Leader

At Pirongia School in New Zealand, chosen pupils walk the Golden Carpet while other pupils clap and say their name in true celebratory style! This idea is part of a series of steps taken to improve pupil self-esteem and self-confidence. It was launched after one teacher attended one of Jenny’s workshop days during Jenny’s training trip to New Zealand earlier this year. The practitioner responsible for this was Wendy Dorothy, Deputy Principal at Pirongia School. Wendy has found that after pupils have been celebrated by their fellow classmates, they are inspired to work harder and that there is a really infectious buzz around the class after this special celebration. She has found that the celebration really helps to bond everyone in the school community together.

Wendy’s pupils have also taken Miss Beanie to heart. Miss Beanie is an iconic figure in some of Jenny Mosley’s books that help to embed the Golden Rules – a set of school values that helps teachers keep simple but effective boundaries. Wendy has made a great visual poster out of Miss Beanie pictures where she can put speech bubbles with positive messages for her pupils.

After the Jenny Mosley training day, Wendy said: “Thank you so much for a fantastic day. Myself and my colleagues were so inspired. Our school will be humming with “crazes” next year. Was a pleasure to meet you.”

Jenny was delighted to hear from Wendy about how her school has embraced ‘golden-ness’ and positivity as a way of celebrating everything positive that happens for their staff and pupils. Jenny looks forward to hear next training trip to New Zealand and seeing how schools have put the model into excellent practice.

Website Manager’s Notes

Jenny undertook a training and conferencing trip to New Zealand during our summer 2012. Jenny contributed to the RTLB conference and enjoyed training in several different schools before going to Hong Kong for futher work in schools. It is possible that Jenny’s schedule might bring her to New Zealand during 2013 so please get in touch if you are thinking about training or conferencing for your school or if you would like to find out more about Jenny’s in-depth training programme.

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