Ooh a teacher who had Golden Time when she was at school!

Oooh, I am so excited I have just met my first teacher who is young enough to remember enjoying Golden Time in her primary school! Oh my goodness where does the time fly? She was so enthusiastic about Golden Time it gave me lots of energy to keep reminding schools that it’s one of the best behaviour management strategies ever.

This lovely teacher wrote “I loved my Golden Time at my primary school (Willesborough Juniors in Ashford, Kent). The school was 5 form entry so all the year group used to have clubs and you could go to any clubs and meet other people. It was incredible to have that excitement and holiday feel to everything. I remember loving parachute, singing and art clubs. All the teachers were so enthusiastic and loved engaging with us in fun”.  What more could you ask really from any good behaviour system?


Website Manager’s Notes

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2. We were all thrilled to see a Facebook site started by secondary pupils dedicated to all those pupils who had enjoyed Golden Time in primary school – quoting “Golden Time is Legendary”! The Facebook site gathered momentum and over 50,000 pupils signed up to the site, totally voluntarily with no incentive but to share what they loved most about Golden Time.

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