Schools in India thriving academically having introduced the Safe and Sensitive Schools (SASS) and Quality Circle Time (QCT) initiatives

The Teacher Foundation (TTF) is a young dynamic organization, aiming to infuse the school education system in India with new energy, enthusiasm and expertise. With schools, principals, school-administrators, teachers and teacher educators, the TTF works in the areas of school development & improvement, teacher development, technology enabled training and support, design and production of teaching aids and classroom-resources. TTF has worked tirelessly to help schools and introduce “A Safe and Sensitive School” initiatives and to bring Jenny Mosley’s Quality Circle Time model to many schools in India. Jenny has loved working alongside and training in India with Maya Menon, Director of TTF.

It was great to catch sight of this article today in The times of India where Centre Point Schools (Nagpur) have been awarded the ‘Safe and Sensitive Schools’ (SASS) certificate and the school offers a perfect mix of excellence in academics, sports and cultural activities.

From a ‘Jenny Mosley Consultancies perspective’, it is lovely to see these schools introducing many Jenny Mosley initiatives like the use of Quality Circle Time, energizers to enliven classes between subjects, the Golden Rules, adjacent praise and listening skills alongside the very important SASS initiatiaves that are being implemented. The schools are doing really well academically which is fantastic.


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(The banner photograph shows Jenny in India on a previous trip, speaking with teachers.)


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