Parent Power in New Zealand

Jenny has been having a superb trip to New Zealand, feeling very thankful to all the schools she worked in and thrilled to have met so many amazing teachers. Her in-depth Train the Trainers deserves its own blog and a huge thank you to the dedicated, creative delegates attending.

Some of the individual schools that jenny worked with – Te Mata, Havelock North Primary and Lucknow Schools – invited Jenny to carry out an evening workshop talk for parents of children in their schools aged 4-8 years. The talk was entitled, “Promoting Wellbeing and Positive Values in Children” and it was aimed at helping to reduce stress and anxiety in children by helping them with strategies for them to feel safe and to grow in self-confidence. Putting child self-esteem at the heart of the matter, Jenny talked with parents about things they can do to help their own children, and explained how the work done in school can be backed up by what is happening at home to provide a continuum of care. Jenny’s talk was on “creating safe learning communities where all children and adults feel safe, respected and listened to”.

This was one of a series of talks offered to parents of these schools – we think this is a fantastic idea and brilliant for the promotion of home-school liaison and the sharing of positive values.

A big thank you to all the parents who came along to work with Jenny – good luck with your own parenting journeys.

Website Manager’s Notes

  1. Jenny has run several in-depth Train the Trainers courses in New Zealand over the last few years, and, excitingly, is just off to New Zealand again in July 2018 to meet lots of teachers, to work in several different schools and to run another Train the Trainers course there. Here’s to a fabulous training trip!
  2. The areas of Jenny’s expertise include circle time,  training for positive behaviour for learningtraining for midday supervisors and lunchtime supervisors to promote calm dining halls and healthy, active playgrounds, also training for promoting social and communication skills for learning and training for mental health and wellbeing.
  3. Jenny Mosley is available for self-esteem boosting INSET training days, Working In School Days and for longer projects involving several schools for schools training like the Peterborough Model Above.
  4. If you are interested in booking just a day of training, Jenny runs open training conferences around the country throughout the year. Jenny also excels as an educational presenter at schools conferences, LA conferences and Headteacher conferences.
  5. Jenny’s resources support all her areas of training and are available form her webshop.
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  7. Do see Jenny’s Calm Dining Halls articles in Headteacher Update and the TES.