Quality Time in Maharashtra, India – An Important Insight into Training Teachers in a Rural Indian Community

A project by The Teacher Foundation in partnership with Swades Foundation, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Raigad is the largest district on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra, India. and has rural economy, a hilly terrain with small schools located on different hillocks. Children walk up long distances to their schools or hitch rides and many take the responsibility of cleaning the school, arranging furniture and closing the school.

The teachers in this area were offered 2 days of Quality Circle Time training by a colleague of The Teacher Foundation, Monila. Monila skilfully carried out the training in the regional language (Marathi). In these areas the school is often at the heart of the small rural community and the children work very hard to gain an education.

Read Monila’s enlightening report (document attached below) about the training, some of the (often unique) issues facing these teachers from rural India and feedback comments is attached – do click to read it!

  • “In 22 years of my teaching career, I have never felt as important as a teacher and a person, as I felt during these 2 days”
  • “Many trainings happen. Very few stay with us. This definitely will because it has touched our heart”
  • “So many trainers come. They go on speaking and we are at the receiving end. This is the first time when a training has made us think, reflect and come up with answers to our questions.You spoke less, but made us think more”
  • “It was person – centered training and that is why everybody involved and participated in activities”.


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