Working with the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA), speaking at their conference – PLUS FREE handouts link here!

I have long been a great admirer the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) and so working with them over the last year or so on the Golden Rules for toddlers box sets has been a very positive experience. We are thrilled with these brightly-coloured board books. The box set provides parents, nurseries and Children’s Centres a much-need way of introducing and reinforcing a set of boundaries that can then stay with children throughout their school years. It can also provide much sought-after continuity as a child progresses through the educational systems.

There are some FREE HANDOUTS accompanying this box set – see links at the bottom of this article – one for practitioners and one for parents.

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The Essential Nursery Conference – NDNA 2014

So I was also delighted to be asked to attend and present at the NDNA Essential Nursery Conference 2014. With such well-known presenters as Charlie Taylor, Alice Sylva, Nic Hudson, Abie Longstaff, Kathy Syhra and Alice Sharp I knew I would be in very good company. The audience was fantastic and I enjoyed getting the whole crowd going with some fun activities!

I am really grateful for the positive feedback that I have received since my presentation.  I enjoyed meeting everyone and, via my office, enjoyed the flurries of Twitter comments and the very real buzz of it all! I feel very enthusiastic about the lovely people looking after our youngest generation and privileged to be a part of it.

Here are some of the heartwarming comments:

  • Fabulous session Jenny. Can’t wait to see you at our Nursery in the near future!
  • It’s been great to listen to such inspiring speaker @JennyMosleyQCT Thank you for great time!
  • Easily the best bit of the #ndna conference so far
  • Absolutely fantastic speaker
  • We are all inspired and buzzing! Thank you jenny Mosley. Take up her spirit please
  • Brilliant session – can’t wait to invite Jenny to our nursery – our team will love it!
  • Working our social, emotional and spiritual intelligence – need happy, calm adults for happy, calm children
  • Feeling motivated and inspired.

Between presentations the energy in the main hall was really buzzing and our bookstall was very busy (I think Graham was rushed off his feet at times!).  I love the thought that everyone taking home a new puppet (or ordering one to be sent shortly) will delight the children in their care with games, stories and other activities that only a puppet can inspire! (Please look for a new blog soon about puppet-pupil Tyrone who enjoys a full curriculum in his hosting classroom!)

A huge thank you to the NDNA organisers for a really memorable event. I hear they are starting to look forward to NDNA 2015 – when the national conference will be held in Coventry – one for us all to look out for!

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