Socially Distanced Live Training is Possible!!

Having had most of my bookings cancelled from mid March onwards – which I completely understand – and would probably have done myself as a headteacher – I just want you to know LIVE TRAINING IS STILL POSSIBLE!! I was invited to Lancastrian Primary School, Tottenham to run a mornings training for all their staff.  I was really nervous – having shielded very carefully for a long time.  I had to go by train and for the first time in my life I went in First Class (I was really surprised that it wasn’t much more expensive).  I wasn’t exactly in full PPE gear – but very togged up with face mask, visor and rubber gloves!!  No-one was in the carriage.  Sadly no gin and tonic trolley either. I got a taxi – not a tube (that seemed one step too far), stayed in Premier Inn and only saw one other person there.  Office blocks and surrounding cafes all looked empty in the centre.  Eerie. On into the school – straight into the side of a big hall where all the staff were positioned 2 metres from each other.  I couldn’t resist taking a photo of their happy faces as proof! I am doing Zoom sessions – but I find them dry and intense.  Human beings in a room together generate excitement and laughter and reaffirms our common humanity.  Learning together helps us to share ideas and values.  Playing games that you can take straight back into the classroom not only keeps the learning vibrant but feels fun to all of us and is a great investment. To have empathy we need emotional literacy, i.e. we need to ‘read’ people’s body language.  When I’m in a circle I can check how children are by looking into their eyes.  Sometimes their eyes are too dark and bleak because they have seen too much or heard too much.  Some eyes are constantly flickering left and right – they are anxious eyes – maybe life is too unpredictable for them.  Sometimes, thank goodness their eyes are full of sparkle and joy, life is going well. I love my new online Primary School Recovery Resource package – ‘From Lockdown to Listening and Learning‘ took ages to pull together which felt heavy at times.  I really got to grips with the writing and for the first time ever wrote some therapeutic circle time meetings – for staff.  It can be studied at home or at school, but it’s a backup, a research tool, a mini library – it can never replace physically engaging in a journey where you can hear and see other humans communicating with you. Paul Murphy, headteacher, wrote this of the training “We invited Jenny in to train our staff in ‘Building School Community Resilience and Mental Health’ as part of our September 2020 return to school INSET days.  We were able to hold the training will all our teachers, TAs, nursery nurses and lunchtime staff in a socially distanced way using our largest hall with plenty of ventilation. For most – if not all – of our staff it was the most engaging, inspiring and motivating autumn return INSET session, and having Jenny live in the room with us was an important part of this. Many staff commented that they left the session feeling excited about the year ahead and full of ideas for how they could better support the children, staff and themselves in what is likely to be a very challenging year.”   Website Manager’s Notes For all training enquiries please email or phone 01225 767157. Click here to see testimonials, a contents list and all sorts of details about Jenny’s online training Primary School Recovery Resource package ‘From Lockdown to Listening and Learning’.