The best, loveliest and most meaningful review I have ever had ….!

I’m glowing… I’m golden with pleasure!!!  Suddenly there was a review on Facebook from my daughter.  I didn’t even realise that any of them read my entries… not only had she given me 5 stars but one of the most positive reviews I’ve ever had.  Any of you who have children you’ll know that all you ever seem to do is feel guilty about not getting it right as a parent.  In fact many years ago one of the first books I wrote (with my friend Eileen) was ‘When I Go To Work I Feel Guilty’… and it never got any better.  My friends and I still spend time analysing how we’ve let them down or how we are responsible for various unlikeable personality traits (sorry kids)… so it was just sheer joy to stumble across this incredible message.  I could quietly just savour it… but heck I want everyone to know that I’m an ok Mum…!!! SO, here it is …!

February 2016 – Jenny Mosley Consultancies Facebook Page

“Pretty much the best and genuine heart felt education consultancy you can trust for your school. This is my Mum yes, but I have observed her put her heart and soul into her passion for children to be listened to and for everyone to work together – a whole school approach! She’s a grass roots education guru who has written for government, has her work in every LEA in England and has been invited to travel the world delivering her work to international schools – because it delivers! She’s successful because she works hard, she’s popular in schools because her model brings results, she’s loved because she makes you feel good to be a teacher again. She’s an expert who truly cares. Oh and her keynote talks are pretty hilarious! She might as well be a stand up comic for all things schools hehe!”  Meg Mosley


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