When Tyrone the puppet joined our Class

I am privileged enough to encounter very many inspiring teachers through my work in schools and at educational conferences. I was therefore delighted to meet a young teacher, Katie O’Sulivan, who not only reinforces the Golden Rules through such delightful ways as having Golden Rules mascots on each class table, but also had a very interesting member in her class. Katie explains it so much better than I could below. Please see Editor’s Notes at the end to see terms and conditions of Free ‘Puppets At Large’ book for every member of our ‘Get Along Gang’ purchased.

228x171_img-1873-1Tyrone the Puppet

Tyrone was introduced to my class in September. He was dressed in his ‘normal’ clothes and introduced as somebody who would like to join our class. All the children took to him straight away. It was fantastic to see the routines and Golden Rules reinforced as the children took it upon themselves to read through the rules with him, read him the Golden Rules books and show him where to put his coat etc.

We also follow Jenny’s Golden Rules. Each table in my class has a mascot eg. Zelda the Zebra table, Elsa the Elephant etc. (please see the picture of the children holding their animal table group puppet). Jenny’s puppets and books are all around my classroom!!

228x304_role-playThe children then decided it is only right that Tyrone has a school uniform, the children independently went to the lost property box and found him some suitable uniform bits. Since then, we have had lots of clothes for Tyrone – “Tyrone can have this top – it’s too small for me now and I want Tyrone to wear it”. So as you can imagine how his wardrobe is building!

Tyrone has a peg, a tray and his name is on the register – he is a fully-fledged member of 1S. He is in our class photo and has a part in our class assembly. Tyrone takes part in all aspects of school life – he sits on the carpet for all main inputs, he then sits with somebody to take part in the main activity. Some children are reluctant to put their story ideas on paper – but … if Tyrone is writing it (the children put their hands inside the puppet) they write streams!

I also take the approach with Tyrone that he has never been to school before so sometimes he finds our work very tricky. So through Tyrone I am able to deal with any misconceptions that become apparent. Tyrone is an invaluable resource to my classroom – both the children and I would be VERY lost without him!Thank you Jenny!”

228x171_img-1880-1Katie O’Sullivan (Class Teacher at Holy Family Catholic Primary School, West Acton, London) and Citizenship coordinator.

A big thank you to Katie O’Sullivan for all her amazing hard work and for sharing with us how her wonderful class has ‘adopted’ Tyrone into their midst.

We all love to read about each other’s triumphs and so do send in any stories that you have!



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