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Welcome to Jenny Mosley's website, the home of Quality Circle Time, Golden Time, the Golden Rules, Positive Behaviour, effective Listening Systems, fantastic lunchtimes and playtimes, 'Visiting the Wells' and all things Circle Time!

On this site we provide you with essential information on training and resources to help you introduce and maintain fantastic educational systems in your school.

The Quality Circle Time model is a whole approach used for early years settings and primary and secondary schools to:

  • promote social skills and positive relationships;

  • encourage positive behaviour and a caring and respectful ethos;

  • help children develop their self-esteem and self-confidence;

  • support the emotional well-being of children and adults;

  • create calm, happy lunchtimes and playtimes with lunchtime games and actitivies;

  • promote the social and emotional development and creativity of children;

  • help teachers develop areas such as PSHE, SEAD, SEAL, ECaT, Achievement for All.

We have a particular interest in Lunchtimes Training, Lunchtimes and Playtimes Training, Training for Positive Behaviour, Training for Social and Emotional Skills and Training for Social and Emotional Skills.

We have worked with almost every Local Education Authority in the country!

For training for individuals, INSET days, working in school non-closure days, cluster and network conferences or larger partnership projects contact Jenny Mosley’s consultancy offices on 01225 767157 or email

For creative and unique classroom resources that underpin the Quality Circle Time model please phone 01225 767157, email or go to