Golden Rules and Positive Behaviour Coming to Life in Hawarden Village Church School

I was lucky enough to be working in a fabulous school in Wales a little while ago – Hawarden Village Church School in Flintshire.  The children are so well behaved that I started to look around for clues as to where their rules were displayed. That is when I came across some superb posters (photos below) featuring some of our Golden Rules animal heroes. These feature in the Golden Rules Animal Stories. This resource is part of our Golden Rules range and children really need these stories if they are trying to understand the Golden Rules. Each story in the series focuses upon just one rule. The familiar animal characters in ‘Miss Beanie’s’ class all have adventures to help work through the Golden Rule for that book. So it was really thrilling to walk through the school to see Zelda Zebra, Miss Beanie, Gino Giraffe and the Crocodile from the big books on the walls of the school! 

Here is Alfred Aligator telling the children not to hurt anyone, Gino Giraffe asking everyone to look after property and Miss Beanie helping the class too!













Another great collection of all the animals helping with the Golden Rules for all the children to see as they go about their business in the classroom.
Wouldn’t this be great for an Autumn craft project – it looked stunning hanging from the ceiling – and a lovely bit of recycling and involvement of the whole class with each of their hand prints on this wise old owl!













Golden Rules Animal Stories
Here are all the Golden Rules Animal Stories together to bring the Golden Rules to life. Available in A3 big class books and as A5 to read individually or in smaller groups.


Website Manager’s Notes

1. For anyone who wanted to know a little bit more about the Golden Rules – these are simple rules that lead you beautifully to higher order values. Even with all the children helping to come up with their own Golden Rules at the start of the year, they usually all fall under each of the 6 headings of the Golden Rules below which are:

We Are Gentle…                   (ie respect for physical safety)

We Are Kind…                      (ie respect for people’s feelings)

We Work Hard…                  (ie respect for myself)

We Listen…                         (ie respect for others)

We Are Honest…                 (ie respect for truth)

We Look After Property…    (ie respect for the environment)

2. We have some lovely new Playground Picture Circles showing the Golden Rules for the playground in a colourful and fun way!

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3. Jenny has been working on British Values document that relates her Golden Model ideas to British Values. You can click below to download her British Values document.

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