Everything is Golden at King’s Lodge School – A Success Story for Positive Lunchtimes and Behaviour by Sarah Bentley

We are all extremely proud of the work that Jenny Mosley senior consultant, Sarah Bentley, has achieved at King’s Lodge School in Wiltshire. This school has been on a magnificent journey to work on their lunchtimes and playtimes so that these are really joyous and productive for staff and pupils alike. Sarah and the staff have also worked hard to boost their incentives systems and have polished up Golden Time. In fact, the school has done so well at re-creating their playtimes that hardly any children now lose Golden Time so they all get to enjoy the wonderful range of activities that are on offer on a Wednesday afternoon, their Golden Time slot. Sarah and this school have shown how Jenny Mosley’s model can help staff and pupils, parents and volunteers work together to create a better school with a better ethos and teaching, learning and playing environment for all.

Thank you to King’s Lodge’s Headteacher, Mrs Lyn Evans,for the lovely letter that she has written below. Everyone at Jenny Mosley Consultancies wish this school continued success! Do read Lyn’s lovely letter below.

King’s Lodge School

Since starting as Headteacher at King’s Lodge school three years ago we have introduced our School Rules as ‘School Bees’ and the children have taken this on board very well. However we then wanted to do something about lunchtimes and enabling all staff to give rewards – so with the help of Jenny Mosley Consultancies we embarked on using our existing ‘Bees’ to build up a new system.

What a fantastic journey we have been on…

Initially we introduced ‘Golden tickets’ based on our existing housepoint system and following the ‘Bees’. We have also got playground zones where the playground is divided into sections and activities are put out daily on a weekly rota basis. The response has been amazing! I have children daily waving their Golden tickets in front of me, the number of playtime incidents has reduced considerably, the children are playing intently with chalks, skipping ropes, space hoppers, construction materials, playing noughts and crosses and much, much more! The children are always reminded to follow our School Bees.

In addition we have introduced Golden Time across many year groups and on a Wednesday afternoon Y3, 4,and 5 spend half an hour on an activity they have chosen (from a given menu). Teachers, teaching assistants and volunteers take groups to play outside, paint pine cones, learn cat’s cradle, play parachute games, sew cushions – whatever we can offer! The ‘buzz’ is delightful – both children and adults alike! Children know that if they haven’t followed our ‘Bees’ they will lose a minute off Golden time and as behaviour at lunchtimes has improved less and less children are missing their time.

As part of this we now have a new ‘mega-sandpit’ in a zigzag shape that children can access from both sides – it is fabulous to watch them digging and exploring the texture, tunnelling, making mountains and trails.

KLS would like to say a big thank you to Jenny and her team for enabling us to embark on this adventure… we still have many things to explore, but these are exciting times and the children have given us many, many ‘Golden’ moments J

Lynn Evans,