Mesmerised Delegate’s Spontaneous Notes from Jenny’s Presentation

Jenny is delighted to have been attending the conference of the year in Bangalore, India. Ably organised by Founder and Director, Maya Menon and her team, The Teacher Foundation Conference is entitled “Schools That Care 2017”. Jenny has described the conference in a quick message as “the most spectacular, multilayered, well-organised conference ever”!

One delegate was so overcome with Jenny’s presentation, her notes turned into sweet prose and she was kind enough to share her page with The Teacher Foundation. Please see main image.

It has been a pleasure to read and ‘Like’ so many of the Twitter posts and Facebook posts coming through from this energetic, conference that is so full of potential to inspire and encourage positive change. We are all looking forward to hearing many more tales from this important visit.


This is Jenny working in India on a previous conferencing and training visit.



Website Editor’s Notes

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  2. “Schools That Care Conference 2017, Bangalore”.  Organised by The Teacher Foundation this conference has a national presence and an international perspective. Celebrating 15 years of dedicated work in making schools enabling environments for students. The conference presented findings of its 5 years of research aimed at developing a framework of Standards for Social and Emotional Learning (SSEL) for Indian schools. Find our more here: The Teacher Foundation.
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