Kindness Spreads through a Gillingham School – After Being a Theme for the Whole Term

All schools are beyond busy, but so many schools push out even beyond this to do wonderful projects and initiatives that benefit the whole school community. Barnsole Primary School in Gillingham is one such school. Jenny enjoyed working with staff from Barnsole Primary School in January 2019 on the theme: “Running Successful Vibrant Circle Times and Building a Whole School Ethos” – what a great morning they had. Since then, the school has set up a whole-school theme of kindness that ran right through the Spring term. Keeping parents and everyone up to date with all the lovely activities on Twitter, we thought we would share some of the ideas, joy and photos here on the blog – also do look out for the odd tweet copied in here!

Tweet: @JennyMosleyQCT  Super SDD for Bligh and Barnsole- hosted at Bligh – learning about Quality Circle Time with Jenny Mosley.

Barnsole has had a very positive and proactive few months since then promoting positive values. They have had a whole month of promoting one value a day. We loved the “Random Acts of Kindness” daily challenges – here is just a small sample from Twitter!

Tweet: Barnsole’s ‘Paper Chain Challenge’ – every child will make a chain link and our whole-school ‘Chain of Kindness’ will be displayed in the Infant and Junior Halls… @JennyMosleyQCT   ‘Kindness is Contagious’!

Not only is kindness spreading through the school, but it is also helping to create beautiful pieces of art!

Another initiative was for each child to decorate a piece of coloured paper for kindness paperchains to decorate the school with. It’s wonderful that something involving so much fun and so lovely to look at too had such a great and personal underlying message and foundation from every child.

Because Barnsole is working on a Whole School Approach to their initiatives, their kindness has also spread out into the playground. They have the funkiest buddy bench ever, and children love sitting on it and making new friends or coming up to the buddy bench to play games with children who are sitting on it.

So the schools kindness slogan, “Kindness is Contagious” really is true – and we watched on Twitter as kindness spread throughout Barnsole Primary School in lots of wonderful ways!

What is more, we have just seen this on Twitter and look forward very much to seeing the progress and joy coming through on Twitter from Barnsole’s next ambitious focus.  If you would like to follow Barnsole on Twitter  just follow @barnsoleschool


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