Why pupils’ and teachers’ mental health are inextricably linked

Really interesting article in the TES by Deputy Headteacher Samantha Shearer on 6th May 2019 entitled “Why pupils’ and teachers’ mental health are inextricably linked – Pupils are affected by poor teacher mental health – schools need a joined-up approach to wellbeing, says deputy head”. Here are just a few snippets and ideas from the article but do read it all here

One part of the article stood out beyond the rest for us – that “Wellbeing should be at the heart of every school”

To cite the article “And what about those children who arrive at school already dealing with trauma? We know that “social buffering”, whereby children are given the time to talk and be listened to, can have a hugely positive impact on those dealing with bereavement, parent separation, family and other social issues. But where’s the time in the school day? How can a stressed adult, pressed for time, bubbling with their own mental health trauma, provide this level of care?”

The article poses many questions and makes recommendations from someone who has, as a deputy Headteacher, been at the coal face. Let’s hope she, and others, are listened to.


Website Managers Notes

  1. See the full TES article here: https://www.tes.com/news/why-pupils-and-teachers-mental-health-are-inextricably-linked
  2. Useful mental health guidance document from DfE is here: Health and Behaviour in Schools DfE November 2018


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