Feeling Wonky Blog!

I have to get up really early in the morning to get to a different school every day of the week so I’m normally up about 5.45am, 6am and then my bookstall manager, Gerald and I set off to find the school.  Always nerve wracking!  Anyway when I got to this little tiny school in Durham and walked into my new training room, this big floor-standing clock reflected exactly how I feel every morning… just slightly wonky.  It made me smile.  Luckily when I go to schools there is always something that makes me smile.  Some incredibly lovely pieces of children’s work, inspirational sayings, teachers sitting together really early in the morning, planning and organising, full of courage and determination to do well by the children. … then occasionally in a few schools animals greet you too.  So … wonky but wonderful are our schools!


Website Managers Notes

  1. Jenny Mosley is available for wellbeing, better behaviour and lunchtimes and playtimes INSET training days, Working In School Days and for different length projects involving several schools for schools training.
  2. (Schools and teachers feeling wonky are especially welcome to get in touch!!).
  3. Find out about booking Jenny or attending open training conferences around the country throughout the year. Jenny also excels as an educational presenter at schools conferences, LA conferences and Headteacher conferences.
  4. The areas of Jenny’s expertise include staff wellbeing trainingtraining for mental health and wellbeingtraining for positive behaviour for learningearly years trainingtraining for midday supervisors and lunchtime supervisors, to promote calm dining halls and healthy, active playgroundsJenny’s resources support all her areas of training and are available form her webshop.
  5. Do get in touch if we can help! Phone 01225 767157 or email circletime@jennymosley.co.uk or use the contact form on our website.